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The Advantages of Java

The Advantages of Java

In 1995, Sun Microsystems released its cross-programming language titled Java. When Java was released, it was released with a slogan: “Write Once, Run Anywhere.” meaning that Java can be developed on any device and function on devices with Java virtual machine (JVM). Java operates on Windows, Linux, UNIX, Solaris, Mac OS (virtually all platforms; however, there may be slight differences in how each program may execute).

With the creation of Java, Sun Microsystems implemented their top 5 goals/philosophy into the language: use object-oriented programming; allow the same program to be executed on multiple operating systems; contain built-in support for using computer networks; designed to execute code from remote sources and be easy to use.

Java EE Servers Comparison

Typically, web application developed by Java can be configured with many application servers, such as Apache Tomcat, WebLogic, JBoss, and WebSphere etc. Tomcat, a platform for web applications, with tools for configuration and management, is free. On the other hand, WebLogic may be viewed as costly since Oracle charges a high service fee. IBM’s WebSphere Application Server, the premier Java 2 Enterprise Edition and Web services-based application server, is available on the broadest number of platforms and provides a robust, proven environment for Java applications.

Java developmental Kits

JDK 6 to 7 is Java’s latest development tool (this developmental kit version 6 has updates for 7). Java has three developmental tools for different applications: Java SE (Standard Edition); Java ME (Mobile Edition); Java EE (Enterprise Edition); many consider JSP (Java Server Pages subject to Java EE) to play in minor role in the construction a website.

Why Use Java to Develop Big Projects?

Most large-size corporations have chosen to use Java because of Java’s stability, in addition, to Sun Microsystems and IBM’s reliable, online technical support and other open source development framework for Java such as HibernateSpringStruts and etc. However, needless to say, like most brands in the marketplace, the individual will ultimately decide which programming language, database, and platform will best fulfill the requirements for his/her next web project.

Why Baytech?

Baytech Web design’s Java developers specialize in Java technology to create customized Java applications, such as online stores, CMS, Forums, and other applications.