Checklist: Writing your Google Ad Copy

Contextual ads are a great way to target certain prospects because it shows up on websites with keywords searched by users with a particular interest. However, writing a simple and effective ad copy is one thing, but keeping in mind the quality and usability of your landing page is another.

Here’s a checklist of things to keep in mind with your contextual ads along with its landing pages:

The Adcopy:

–          Simple URLs (i.e.

–          Capitalized sentences vs. Non-capitalized sentences

–          Succinct, to the point, with a strong call to action

–          Simplicity

–          Do you know the target of your ad, and do your visitors know?

The Landing Page:

–          Does it look clean, user-friendly, and uncluttered?

–          How’s the image quality?

–          Is the information about your service/offer detailed or clear?

–          Are all the important points located on the top of the landing page?

–          Short forms with labeled required fields

–          No Pop-ups and pop-unders

–          Bullet points for readers to quickly scan information

–          Any testimonials to show a good track record?



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