Out With the Old, In With the New Facebook

The days when Facebook made students feel exclusive and privileged for privacy amongst their communities are long over. As people are now becoming more interconnected, down comes all the wild high school and college pictures that were meant between friends only. As we watched Facebook evolve over the years, in came the general public as doors were flung wide open to everybody and their mothers.


Yesterday marked one of the most anticipated days, quite possibly in the history of Facebook. The company has announced that they will be allowing users’ statuses, photos and videos to be made publicly visible at large by default. Privacy was once the trademark of Facebook and they succeeded in capturing the attention of users mainly because they steered clear from the clutter and confusion of Myspace characteristics. But as Facebook began adding more and more to their simple purpose of connecting people, views on the ever-changingFacebook are about to flip. On contrary to some possible backlash, this move could lead to some new developments in the world of social media from a web innovator’s standpoint.




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