We Really Do Love Our Jobs

The people here at Baytech Webs are all passionate about their jobs here. The most integral part of our team is the same driven passion to helping clients launch effective, direct, and well developed websites with extraordinary web architecture.

This month, we feature four of our latest and greatest clients who all have a core purpose in helping their own client base.

These following clients have taken wide strides and are taking advantage of our unparalleled technology in CSS, HTML, and PHP.

  1. Writing All Resumes: This is one of Baytech Webs’s personal favorites. Resumes are essential instruments to everybody looking to excel in their professional fields and to move forward in their career paths. With expertise in writing and recruiting, Writing All Resumes is the ultimate tool to helping people develop an effective resume. Baytech Webs has helped this firm create a user friendly, and easy navigable website to attract all sorts of clientele, young and old. Our services included product management systems and third party integration.
  2. Zumo: Zumo Inc is a future discounts brokerage and trading firm, providing traders access to the world’s commodity markets at deep discount commissions. Zumo is everything desirable a serious investor seeks as it is revolutionizing the industry in which it is exponentially excelling in. Teaming up with Baytech Webs, we’ve helped to reflect their cutting-edge products by developing multimedia features in videos and interactive effects. In addition, we’ve added functionality in content and user management as well as third party integration.
  3. Gear in Motion: This one was a fun client. Working alongside with this philanthropic team,Baytech Webs thoroughly enjoyed developing an innovative and easy to use site to illustrate the playful culture of a brand dedicated to helping families bring time for recreation into their lives. In addition to content management, newsletter and product management functionality, we’ve also strived to incorporate Ajax technology into Gear in Motion’s site.
  4. 4.       HearBrightThe doctors of Audiology are inspiring and they serve and honor the medical community in bringing the best in research to helping people capture sounds back into their lives. Not only does Baytech Webs enjoy working with their clients, we also get to learn a great deal. With HearBright, we got the inside scoop on this business’ specialization in a wide range of hearing aids. Helping them build their website with content management and third party integration, we re-engineered a better website to connect them with current and prospective patients.





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