Make Way for Baytech Web’s Innovative Clients

Baytech Webs is beaming with pride as we are announcing recent launches of eight of our rapidly growing base of high-profile clients. Working closely with great minds and leading our clients from the conception of ideas to the completion of a project, we take every mission under our wing as it were our own.

Today, we are featuring the following clients who are utilizing our cutting-edge technology in CSS, HTML, and PHP:

  1. O’Codger:  This is the ultimate internet guide for the avid consumer. Find reviews and ratings fast through a bounty of trusted quality resources and information services. Doubling as a platform for social networking and the infinite possibilities of mind-share between people, O’Codger is dedicated to accumulating quality websites for consumers worldwide.

With O’CodgerBaytech Webs has managed their banner ads, content, online purchasing and ordering systems, social networking functions, and third party integrations.

  1. LCR DixonLCR Dixon is another one of our impressive clients, unrivaled in the industry for tax automation. This formidable team of transaction tax experts has hundreds of years of experience in tax and/or EROP implementations combined. Their primary focus it to deliver the most advanced SAP solutions for their clients.

Along with content management, LCR Dixon’s features Baytech Webs’s expertise in web development through CSS, Flash, HTML and PHP.

  1. Strategia: It is always a pleasure for Baytech Webs to serve firms dedicated to nourishing growth and providing consultation services. Strategia specializes in helping small to large companies expand in new markets with new technologies and acquisitions. By helping them build their site, we help make it easy to keep information up to date with Content Management Systems. In a fast world for fast industries, we make it possible for Strategia to have a web presence so they can continue excellence in consultation services.
  2. Talty Court Reporters: In the court reporting field, Talty Court Reporters brings the highest standards in the industry, comprised of a force of professionals averaging over ten years of experience. Based in Santa Clara County, the Talty ensures that clients will receive the highest level of competence and professionalism for all their litigation needs. Collaborating efforts with Baytech Webs, their newly launched site features a content and newsletter management system as well as third party integration applications.



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