Combining Off-line Methods with Your SEM

When off-line marketing methods are combined with online SEM methods at the same time, it has been discovered that the added effect is significant.  Branding efforts are greatly increased, which also shows up on the bottom line, too.

Since these kinds of results have been known for some time, it really is amazing that it is not more regularly occurring in the overall Internet marketing strategies of most companies. Instead, “reasons” such as “It’s not my department’s responsibility,” or, “We have no money in the budget for it,” or something similar is often heard as an excuse.

Whatever the reason, it needs to be set aside and someone needs to approach the decision-makers about it so that the right decision can be made. It is even possible that the individual that presents it to the right people may even be seen as being innovative and able to get the job done.

With just under 50% of Web marketing seeking to combine the two, it is no wonder that less than desired results are being seen. The largest cause for failure seems to have been that the company has yet to advertise using off-line methods. A simple answer to that is “Why not? Isn’t it time to get started?” One of the largest hindrances to a greater level of success can be solved by making efforts to share information with other departments and key people.

Marketing efforts are supposed to have one purpose – to get click conversions which ultimately lead to sales. Combining off-line methods at the same time will lead to more click conversions, a better ROI, and greater profits. Experimentation will be needed for best results – but isn’t it time to get started in deliberately combining both off-line and online methods?

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