Creating More Powerful Brand Awareness

Making your company’s brand stand out when there is so much competition is a task that you do not want to neglect. After all, it is the brand that is the most visible that will most likely generate the highest level of sales.

When you develop a new product or want to gain brand recognition as being the company associated with a specific technology, then you have to build new brand awareness. You can go from a basic non-entity in that field to having a highly recognized brand identity by directing your efforts to gain top position in organic searches and in sponsored placement.

What happens when you have a weak or new brand identity is that the individual performing the search may be reminded of your competitor’s brand simply by seeing their name in the other positions of the SERP’s. This is especially true if your brand is not in all of the top search positions. When that occurs, you are more likely to lose the sale if they already have some knowledge of the other brand.

Percentages of sales lost can actually be shown to be dependent on the number of positions held by your brand. When you hold them all on certain keywords, your company will clearly benefit the most. When there are a number of other companies that already have some level of brand awareness competing for the same search terms, there is a proportional loss to them. The need then is to continue to build your brand identity – by striving to get the top positions in all three areas of search – and keep them.

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