Google Rolls Out Penguin Update 3

Matt Cutts (Head of Google’s spam team), tweeted recently that Google is releasing the newest ‘data refresh’ of a Penguin version’s spam fighting algorithm. This newly introduced Penguin update is expected to affect searches comprising of multiple languages. This update has been tagged as ‘Penguin 3’, instead of ‘Penguin 1.3’.

Cutts revealed information related to a penguin update in a couple of series of Tweets. First of all he said that, Penguin data update is all set to be released and it is expected to affect round about 0.3 % of English-language queries. After that, he posted couple of more tweets while replying to certain queries. Out of few queries, one query was that to what extent other languages like Italian, French & Spanish, are expected to be affected. He mentioned that as far as other languages are concerned, this new update is likely to impact a small percentage of queries.

Well, there are still few readers who are keen about understanding these algorithms. All they are inquisitive about is, those criteria, on basis of which, Google determines % of Queries impacted. Google did release its first Penguin update in the month of April.  At that time the company clearly targeted web spam but the sites, which were containing plenty of inferior-quality inbound links, also came under the scanner of a released Penguin update. Thereafter, company released 2nd update in the month of the May and the latest released update is the 3rd one in the successive row.