Cut The Bounce in Your Bounce Rate

The term for the percentage of visitors leaving your website without bothering to browse through any other pages of your site is called the bounce rate. Because this is one of the key success factors to successful SEO, internet marketing professionals and web analytics professional have reason to be concerned about the bounce rate of a site.

There are three categories in which your bounce rate can be affected: External factors, internal factors, and marketing factors.
With external factors, there are two possible reasons that can contribute to a high bounce rate.
1.       Screen for improper external links. Make sure your links are relevant to your site so that the driven traffic does not expect to be directed to irrelevant content.
2.       Try to filter unrelated keywords that may direct traffic to your website, eradicate the case by investigating how search engines are causing the unwanted traffic to your website.
Internal Factors on Bounce Rate
1.       You will hear this often. Content is key! It is so important that the value in the information you provide visitors is a good flow and transition from one page to another. Give your readers an expectation of what they might take away from your site. In addition, content should be inviting as well as entertaining.
2.       Easy to use interface, or usability is important in keeping the interest of a visitor. In other words, the idea of good presentation, applicable in any good practice, is of the essence. Consider the comparison of inviting guests to your home – they’ll be more keen on staying if your house is comfortable.
Marketing Factors that can affect bounce rate
1.       High bounce rate is a considerable possibility if your title and meta descriptions do not match and are synced with the content on your page.
2.       Ad Copies should show what your website is all about in your paid search results. If they don’t fully represent your purpose, then you can’t retain visitors even if you succeed in boosting a good CTR rate.
3.       The first and foremost part of search marketing is dependent on the right selection of keywords. If you optimize your website with keywords that are not relevant enough, it is intuitive that the non-targeted visitors herded to your page will be the runaways from the ROI rodeo. Result? Another reason for a high bounce rate.
In lieu of all that, keep the 9 reasons handy to cutting the bounce in your bounce rate.
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