Developing An Effective Web Presence in Three Ways

Solid organic search strategies are imperative and should be the goal of every business’ marketing efforts. On the web, you should be where your prospects are actively looking for what your business has to offer. Like building an attractive storefront, there’s no use in a physical location if your company name isn’t on it and your sales force is nowhere in plain view, not to mention a lack of access to the store.

Many times, we often hear of clients whose goal for their business is to rank the highest on keywords X, Y or Z. Is that really the goal or is developing a web presence the first and foremost objective?

The three things for a successful web presence is basic but all the while essential. Keep in mind that usability and brand matters, as well as search engine optimization, the foundation of good web presence.

1.       Branding is important and if you build a website that creates trust with your target audience, you also build credibility. This is your storefront with your name, your recognition, and your brand clearly displayed on it. There’s no need in reeking of heavy graphic- just clean content, a few logos, a track record and a defined object of your business is necessary.

2.      Usability is also key. Every visitor or every click should be important. Do not overwhelm your page with forms, but small details such as a phone number on the top of every page can surprisingly impact your success. Make sure your site loads quickly as people have short attention spans. With that in mind, ensure that your call to action is clear and succinct.

3.      Information architecture should go hand in hand with SEO efforts. It also works in conjunction to usability. You should invest in blueprinting a defined content management system to coordinate your site and its development in addition to making it search engine friendly. A good SEO will tell you, content is key and the more unique content you have (i.e. blogs and articles), the friendlier you are with search engines.

In conclusion, think about the big picture when it comes to developing a web presence.



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