Hitting the Right Notes with Google Adwords Ads

It is no doubt that Google Adwords, to this day, continues to be the most effective medium for PPC advertising on the web. Within hours, any business can launch an ad. With ease in use and fast response to changes, it is no question why Adwords is the leading model in PPC advertising. Because all ads are made to be short, 35 characters of text in each line is a call to make wise choices in word selection. How you capture the audience depends on specific and structured statements- these are the critical elements in the success of your campaign.

For the newcomer, here are some fundamental tips on tackling that first ad.
1.       Like any other SEO, the folks at Baytech Web Designs strongly adhere to the importance of keywords. Therefore, use the keyword in your add headline. Headlines are meant to grab attention, consequently generate more clicks, especially if they are relevant to a particular search.
2.       There are 4 lines in all for any PPC ad. For your second line, draw out the benefit of the business or service you are advertising. Most readers respond to an ad from the first string of context after the headline. Give them thought to what they may need before you highlight a special offer or feature.
3.       The next to last line should then spotlight the deal you are getting at. After the benefit, should then come the feature or offer that it supports. Maintain a fair balance of power between the second and third line – do not let one overpower the other.
4.       The final and fourth line of the ad should be a simple URL of your landing page. The clearer the destination, the higher the number of clicks. You may even want to consider creating a different landing page specifically for the purpose of your Adwords campaign. If tracked properly, you can always observe how well your ad is performing.
5.       It is advisable to create two similar ads within your campaign to test the effectiveness of each. Same keywords and phrases can be used, but making them slightly different may help you generate more clicks. Keep what works, and change what doesn’t.
Pay Per Click Programs are excellent marketing tools to help boost the sales in your business if used correctly. Understanding the elements of Google Adwords doesn’t take long, but one should experience a period of trial and error to create high impact ads that are compelling and persuasive to drive great traffic.
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