Does Social Media Go Hand in Hand with Search Marketing?

Social media and search marketing at the same time are complementary and are also two very distinct channels. Generating conversations about hot topics through social media marketing can directly affect the queries used in search. This is comparable to the way advertising and public relations through media coverage drive traffic and attention.

The whole purpose of the social web is to spread discussion so that it pushes people to search for more information. The bait is set by providing useful information about a certain idea and when that buzz catches on fire and provokes a large volume of search, the fishing line is reeled in.

Marketers can also create content in their social marketing efforts to rank in search results and by optimizing for keywords, they allow their product or name to take up several positions of that same search query. So with optimization, discussion easily travels throughout social communities. A vast majority of users are inclined and empowered to link content through blogging or writing their own content. When standard searches pull up the optimized content, that’s when social media and social marketing complement one another.




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