Ever Wonder How Google Detects New Content?

It has been engrained into our minds that content is key. So how does Google recognize or interpret a new page or fresh content? To Google, anything new means first content. Therefore, your new website should be indexed on Google first before you continue to add new content to it.

Google will detect fresh content through pings, sitemaps, other links pointing to the site, and most important of all, repeatedly crawl through the site. So to encourage Google’s spiders to visit your site as frequently as possible, implement a slow and steady cycle of new content addition.

On another note, never add duplicate content. Google may remove duplicate pages from search results for a certain query, and will penalize your pages by also omitting them from the index. To achieve high rankings, it is in your best interest to do so with unique content but with as much original content as possible. Should it use the same content as other websites, ensure your pages have better inbound links than any other website that has the same content.



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