Small Businesses: Finding Your Niche

Nowadays, more and more small businesses are catching onto implementing some form of SEO through gaining traction with blogs and social media. However, many small businesses fail at using these outlets correctly.

After determining the core purpose of your business, the next thing to consider is your niche, or target audience. Many businesses tend to start broad and to target wide ranges of audiences on an abstract level. However, starting small and beginning to build relationships with readers and social media users means defining your niche. Once you have a strong grasp on a solid audience, it will more than likely help you build better traffic in the long-run. After that foundation is established, can expanding your niche be a good move to consider.

Depending on your business, you may also want to focus on using a modest handful of social media sites to effectively reach out to your niche. Contemplate a blog to connect your social networking accounts and take into account of what kind of valuable content or interesting information you can bring to that niche. Remember, to be able to engage those readers is to break your business of a narcissistic approach where it’s all about the sole intentions of the business, and no use of feedback mechanisms. Comments and trackbacks are an excellent way to communicate and create ongoing conversations that include the business itself. Most people fear negative comments that can potentially arise by enabling comments, but feedback should really be seen as a goal, not a liability case. In addition, a little bit of social interaction by participating in discussions with others can be even more effective. Reply to your comments, ask for feedback, welcome controversy, and create community based ideas.

Takeaway: Start focused and find your niche. Relationships will never last if conversations are made to be one-sided.



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