Less is More

Writing email marketing copy that sells means being short and sweet. Remember, less is more– it can be a snore especially when it becomes obvious that your newsletter or email is mean only to sell. So in light of that, ensure that your audience understands the offer you should highlight in the following ways:

1.       The Entrance Counts: As obvious as it sounds, make sure the opening line of your email subject gets to the points and provokes curiosity. This is the first and foremost “foot-in-the-door” approach.


2.       Benefits: What’s in it for them? Your prospects won’t be sold until they are first convinced that the benefits of your offer are something they need. Focus on the recipient, not the business itself. “How is what you’re selling going to make their life easier? How will it appeal to them?”  

3.       Be Succinct: In the precious time you have to make an impression on the average attention span, grab your recipients’ attention by bolding important ideas so that they can skim quickly and heed to what is important. It may also be a good strategy to break up your ideas into bullets or write as if you’re engaging somebody in a conversation.  This is also why your email or newsletters should be written in small chunks. And if there is more information to be provided, let the serious reader be directed to an external link to your site.


4.       Be Tangible: Take advantage of customer testimonials that show why they love or need your product. Provide real information about the testimony – where the customer is from, their name, and what company they come from. Nothing sells your product better than credibility.


5.       Call To Action: Tell your readers exactly what you want from them. This is where you convert already interested prospects to a successful sale. Exercise strong call to action by using accessible links to the offer, displaying your contact information and giving them deadlines of your expiring offer. The point? Make them act now!




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