Thinking Negatively

Don’t take this literally! Sometimes to maintain a successful Google Adwordscampaign is to try the negative approach.

A negative keyword means a word or phrase that should be left out so it doesn’t trigger an ad impression. For example, if you want to set up a campaign for your wedding gown shop, it would be best not to target those looking for a prom gown since it would waste your bids on phrases that will bring up traffic not looking for wedding gowns. This is when using negative keywords can help your campaigns from being exposed to unnecessary impressions.

Negative keywords can be applied to each individual ad group or the entire ad campaign as a whole. On another note, you may want to separate your “positive” keywords to specific ad groups to better manage performance. Google Adwords provides a tool to help you determine which keywords are best to use for your business.

The more customized you make your PPC campaign, the more streamlined your ads just from filtering out those negatives. Your CPC (Cost Per Click) can in turn be reduced and also result in greater ROI (Return on Investment). Remember, don’t waste your bids- think negatively!





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