Facebook Unfriend Tale Real Life Governs Relationships on FB

If it is a social networking site like Facebook, rest assured that societal and human instinct governs it. If you have someone as your friend once, you got rid of him or her in your life and so do will you unfriend him or her on Facebook. It is as simple as that. As per a recent study people unfriend someone for the same reason for which they had a break up in their real life. Facebook or other social networking sites nowadays have become another tool of showing your disinterest in another person.

Friend making and unfriending is faster on FB than real life. It could happen that you are on the go and open your FB account and saw your friend’s picture with someone and you right away unfriended him or her. In real life, it takes a little more time before your actually break up. Moreover, you need to actually communicate with the person personally in order break you relationship than the one sided unfriending on FB.

The research that was conducted shows that the same reasons that prompt a break up in real life governs the censure of Facebook relationships as well. Also, the Facebook relationships are governed by real life relationships. The study found that the relationship on Facebook is more likely to be broken if it is between only two people and there is no one else in common, strengthening it. The researchers also found that relationships on Facebook break often if there is considerable age difference between the friends or if there one of the friends is introvert or neurotic. This way the unfriending saga on Facebook is on with the Friending spree always.7VERMZ9DKR2J