Google’s Knowledge Graph–Still Lot to Do before It Attains Perfection

Google has launched the Knowledge Graph in US on May 16 with much hype and excitement. The Knowledge Graphs displays information about the search keyword collected from various sources. Thus, easing the pain the user has in searching varied information about the keyword from different sources. It is a great move indeed but recent researches have proved that one out of the five results that Google suggests on the Knowledge graph is outdated.

It seems that after the successful launch of the Knowledge Graph, there is a high scope of improvement. Experts believe that it seems the high indexing speed is not applied to the Knowledge Graph and that is why it is producing stale results. The study revealed that Google could not present the most relevant and recent information in some instances. The industry must be wondering why this has happened that Google which has upgraded its algorithms, is not showing the most relevant results. In the study regarding the search results on the Knowledge Graph, in fifty percent of the instances, Google suggested a result that was two or more days old. However high claims Google makes, it seems not to make available information as it happens just as it did during the ‘real-time’ deal with Twitter. Also, it seems that what Google presents on the Knowledge graph is the information from Wikipedia and thus the most relevant source to visit for a search will be Wikipedia.

Furthermore, in the absence of real-time results, Google will not be able to display fresh search results from Wikipedia as by the time Google caches some information, the editors at Wikipedia might have changed it. In a recent report, Google has reportedly admitted that Knowledge Graph is not perfect and it needs improvement. For the purpose of improvement, Google has also put a Feedback link at the end of the Graph if the user thinks that there is more relevant or accurate information available. Thus if it is information, everybody expects that Google should step up its efforts to put the most recent and the most relevant information on the Knowledge Graph so that users need not go to different websites for the information regarding the search keyword.