Websites aggressive on Facebook,Twitter mantra to advance their presence online

The world seems to be heading towards cyber warfare. Where every other company wants its website on top result pages of prominent search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing, there has also been an increase in focus on social media marketing efforts in order to further the presence over the internet. The prime targets are Facebook, Google +, and micro blogging site Twitter. Among these the one that is hot and sizzling is Facebook which is also the heartthrob of all and a website’s performance or say company’s popularity is gauged in terms of the number of likes it has on Facebook.

For this companies have pumped in huge amount and have also pitched in full length teams to manage their company’s Facebook and Twitter accounts. The companies also float ads on Facebook to advance their reach to more and more people. The greatest advantage of focusing on Facebook is that by getting one ‘Like’ the company unlocks the probable “Like’ of the friends of that person who has liked the company. Similarly, if another one likes it, it unlocks exposure to his friends and so on the chain continues and so the popularity and ‘Likes’ for the website.