Google Introduces Pay To Play On Google Shopping

Google, the first page of internet, is making many changes day by day. Some of these changes are just to keep the web site up to date and some are done in order to give it a different look as well as in order to meet fresh challenges. One major change in this category is that Google will charge merchants if they want to get listed on Google Shopping.

However, this was supported by many merchants except for one big merchant who didn’t support this decision and is not ready to play this game is Amazon. It directly denied being a part of this play where it needs to pay. Previously, it was a big deal to get listed as a merchant on Google Shopping as that the merchants automatically included in Froogle index, a part of Google shopping merchants list.

Amazon is a big player in this game and the absence of this player has surely impacted Google Shopping and the search options. Kindle Fire HD is a key product that is offered by Amazon and Google shopping users will miss this. This is a good option introduced by Google as this will make the product listing more unbiased.