Ask the Right Questions

When you’re redesigning your website design or starting a website development project, it is useful to ask yourself a number of questions that can make the process a lot easier.  If you ask these questions, you’ll be able to plan for possible pitfalls or roadblocks along the way.  When talking to a Baytech Web Designconsultant, be sure to ask a number of different questions.  Your consultant will be able to answer them with as much detail as you desire!

First, make sure you know what the goal of the site is.  Ask yourself and your web consultant what the goal of the website should be: is it to close sales?  To market the company?  Are you building a tribe of people (as Seth Godin would describe it?  It’s important to know why you want a website development – it’s not enough to simply know that you want a website development.

Who are you trying to please with your website development?  Are you impressing your boss with the website?  If so, why is that important?  Knowing your audience will make the website development process a lot smoother and easier.

Are you telling a story?  The best websites sometimes tell a narrative that captivates and excites their visitors.  By doing so users will not only find the website and the content interesting and engaging, but they will also be more likely to return to your site and recommend it to friends.

Call Baytech Web Design.  Our consultants will help you ask the right questions about your website design so that you can be certain that your project will be a success.