Web Applications and Vulnerabilities

Custom web applications are being used more often throughout web design and website development.  As they become more and more common, it is worthwhile looking at some of the common vulnerabilities in custom web applications.  If there are vulnerabilities in your systems that you use on your websites, then both you and your customers at risk.  It is always worth going to whatever means possible to keep your site free from vulnerabilities.

Vulnerabilities in web applications are usually code-related and anyone with access to the web applicationcan attack it.  This means that the run-of-the-mill users of your website can potentially exploit vulnerabilities in your system.

Some of the malicious actions that can be taken against your website include identity theft, phishing for passwords, data theft, destruction of data, malicious code execution, rootkits, and botnets.  There are many financial, legal, and marketing-based repercussions that can stem from such an effect, and these attacks usually cost companies a lot of money to pick up the pieces.

Don’t let your custom web applications fall into the line of fire of malicious individuals.  Call Baytech Web Design today to learn more about how we can protect your system from vulnerabilities, thus saving you money, time, and frustration – not to mention potential legal hassles.  This is especially important if you are running an e-commerce solution for your website, as you will be responsible for customers’ data in your database.

It’s not just an option to protect your customers’ data – it’s your responsibility.  If you are collecting potentially sensitive data from your customers, then it is your responsibility to ensure that this data stays in your hands and your hands alone.  Call Baytech Web Design today to learn more!