Google: New Search Result Display Coming Soon

Whenever the name of internet comes to one’s mind the first site that one will open is Google as this is the first and most important search engine for all users. All the options for a particular topic are just available in a single click; this is the USP of this web site. This web is introducing new methods of search which are more advanced. This new version will be launched first in America and then after that slowly and steadily to other places.

The basic change in this version will be that the search options such as Web, Images, Maps, Video, News etc are moved from the left side of the page to above the top of the search results. This option is very convenient as the options will be available immediately below the search box. The drop down option will also look more pleasing and convenient. On the other hand for the advance searches the options are available on the right side under the search tool option. This display is similar to the one that reflects in tablet so more convenient and friendly for the users. This will help Google to bring uniformity to its site display irrespective it is opened in a tablet, desktop or laptop. Google is always the fist to test and bring changes and this is a major and good one.