Part 2: The Common Misconceptions of SEO

Following our previous blog on the common misconceptions of SEO, we’re focused on giving you a general idea of SEO basics by demonstrating the wrong impressions people have been basing SEO on. Without further ado, here are three more myths:

Misconception #3: Companies can do all your SEO dirty work for under $1000

SEO is more work than what seems to scratch the surface for a general understanding. Do not fall for false claims and quick traffic schemes if you really want SEO to be done right- It’s all about quality and a successful SEO campaign. Do some research and find out your needs and allocate a budget to find the right fit for an SEO service.

Misconception #4: Cousin Dill is handing the SEO

Unless your cousin Dill is willing to dedicate some good hours away from the tube, you may not get to see the results you’re looking for. SEO is a full time job and it requires consistent and constant monitoring, as well as updating. The industry is always changing and if you look at SEO just five or six years ago, it is definitely a world of difference compared to SEO today.

Misconception #5: The White Hat of SEO

Believe it or not, there are ethical and unethical SEO techniques- we call them black or white hat techniques. Google doesn’t disclose these search algorithms but you can get red-flagged for breaking some rules. If you ever stop showing up on Google for even a small period in time, the whole purpose of implementing SEO techniques deems completely useless.

Remember, SEO means maintenance – there is always room for improvement. Once you get these misconceptions out of your system, SEO can really do wonders for your site if implemented correctly.




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