Project Management and SEO

When companies deal with large Web projects and rather complex Websites, it seems to be common that there is a serious lack of incorporating proper SEO strategies from the start. This reveals that many project managers and others overseeing it do not have a clue as to how much SEO will actually influence the future success of their Website.

No matter what form of planning and execution tools are used to carry out the project, search engine optimization can best be implemented if brought in from the start. The resultant chaos that enters into the picture when it is merely added as an afterthought will oftentimes require the undoing and redoing of much work unnecessarily.

The lack of incorporating SEO into the project from the start, and trying to add it later – as though it were something merely tacked on – most likely stems from a misconception as to what SEO really is. For one thing, SEO strategies involve much more than Adwords and link building.

In order to provide maximum benefit from SEO strategies, it is necessary to work from the point of view of what will work best for SEO purposes. This really will require rethinking many of the plans. It also means that someone, an SEO expert, should be brought on to the team during the whole planning process.

When you consider that company branding is much more powerful, and so is the profit, when you are able to gain top search ranking positions – as a result of proper SEO – then the importance of it becomes evident. Tacking on SEO at the end is sure to cause some rather large problems – and wasted man-hours.

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