Google tests mobile icons on smartphones searches to hopefully boost traffic to mobile optimized websites

People have recently come across fresh mobile icons on their smartphones during the search experience on Google. As per the reports when people searched on Google using Galaxy Nexus which is powered by Jelly Bean. So far one of the fastest and smoothest version of Android they were astonished to see a fresh Smartphone icon which was labeled on some of the search results. This icon basically gives an inkling that a particular website which the user was about to open on Smartphone is Smartphone-optimized or not.

Google revealed that they are conducting an experiment to optimize the mobile search experience. A representative of Google stated that they are trying to experiment in order to look for ways to optimize the search experience on the mobile. This experiment is also supposed to help Smartphone users in recognizing Smartphone optimized websites. Google representative did not divulge more details and put an end to the conversation by simply saying that there is not much information to divulge.  They reportedly said that they would like to thank those who checked in though.

People across the internet have also posted images of this brand new icon related to Smartphone optimization of websites. More and more people are sharing some clearer and better images regarding this mobile experiment conducted by Google.

So Google is testing the Smartphone compatibility of websites and assigning a unique icon on search results if the website is compatible for smartphones. No doubt, mobile viewing is increasing at a faster rate than anything and is nearing explosion. However, not all websites are optimized for smart phones or mobile viewing and this beats them in front of those that are optimized for mobile viewing. Also, the user will be clicking on those website results that are mobile optimized.

It is no doubt a fact that it is far easier for a person accessing a website on mobile rather than on a laptop or PC provided the website is optimized for it. Most banks and other prominent businesses have put up their own mobile optimized websites which are getting huge response. As per a survey a person accessing a website on a mobile is really in need and is a genuine visitor. Thus mobile or Smartphone optimized websites are a must for businesses that really want to have an edge over their competitors. Baytech Web Design with its vast experience in developing websites can help them unlock the potential of mobile website access.