What Makes Web Branding Effective?

There are several philosophies behind the idea of developing effective Web branding. Of course, the multitude of varying ideas means that some work better than others. One such idea is to make a logo and then put it everywhere and use it in all your advertising. Effectiveness with this idea is through the number of viewings or impressions seen that gives strength to the brand.

Another popular view is that to create an emotional experience which naturally occurs when your brand is seen. Unfortunately, this view is understood more clearly by the younger generation than by the makers of some company brands.

The value of the idea can be clearly seen in restaurant commercials or ads. Somewhere in it there will be a Coke® – either as a sign or as part of the decor. By using this simple device, the advertiser creates a pleasant and happy association between their advertised place and the feeling generated by Coke® – and it works very effectively.

Baytech Webs’ strategy for establishing corporate identity goes way beyond that of a mere slogan. A more powerful branding tool can be created by causing an emotional connection with your brand. This seems to be understood by individuals on personal Websites more than it is by many companies.

Baytech Webs would like to help you develop a more powerful brand identity for your company. We have enabled companies of all sizes to use this principle and it has worked dynamically for them. Isn’t it time your corporate identity said much more about you?