Introduction Title

One more recent addition to Webpage design is the use of large introduction blocks. These blocks are most commonly added to the upper left hand side of the Webpage, where most people will naturally see them first and the message contained in the block.

Large introduction blocks are now becoming increasingly common and they seem to be working well. The fonts containing the message can be large, too, at least a 24. This makes it easily readable and if done with the right colors, can also provide an appealing part of the quality Web design.

The boxes themselves can often be large – at least 250 by 400 dpi. This is certainly large enough to be seen instantly. In many cases, they may even be larger than that.

Introduction blocks are appearing most frequently on pages for E-Commerce Web design, portfolio pages, and various services pages. Blogs do not appear to be using them yet.

You may want to start experimenting with introduction blocks and see what effect they have in getting your primary message across to your visitors. Make it a matching and obviously deliberate part of the page scheme and it may work well.

Another option would be to let us develop a professional introduction block for you. We regularly provide quality Web design for many companies and can give you the professional quality you want. Talk to us today at Baytech Web Design about your Web design needs and give your company the powerful new look it needs.