Is Your Website “Crawlable?”

Search engines spiders are programs that search engines will utilize to find,  visit or re-visit content in webpages, files, images, or even videos. If your website is “crawlable,” then the search engine spider is able to discover, identify, and obtain information about the links and content within your site. This is why linking is an essential part that makes your page SEO and search engine friendly because if a spider is not able to follow a link, then your landing page may not even exist in the search engine’s database. Therefore, if your destination page is not included in its database, it maybe not even be present in  any search results.

Figuring out whether your website is spider-friendly is really about the accessibility of the link. Flash files are frequently used for navigation; As a result, links are not recognized since spiders do not typically crawl through flash files. To solve this and still have the dynamic functionality found in Flash, navigation can be done with SEO friendly CSS code. And again, with Javascript or Ajax menus, a bot may have the same difficulty reading those links.

More pointers to keep in mind, is to ensure a copious amount of authoritative links on your website. They should all connect to relevant and important information, making it easy for spiders to crawl and therefore influence rankings. Other ways to counter common issues that deter crawlability is to create alternative navigations that utilize text links in the footer. Include HTML site maps of a considerable amount of text links. And speaking of site maps, you can also provide an XML site map list to search engines of all the URLs you’d like spiders to read on your site.


If you are in the process of developing a website, keep in mind that while the site architecture should be functional , the ease of site maintenance for search engines should also just be as significant. Seeking some advice from SEO consultants could save you a lot of trouble, not to mention expenses down the road.






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