Mobile Searches On The Rise, Need Of Mobile Optimized Websites Grows Fourfold

Mobiles have become a necessary part of everyday life and life seems impossible without them. New mobiles with advanced technologies are coming up every fortnight and have made the world accessible for users. Recently a survey conducted by one agency regarding the use of mobiles for purchasing automobiles, finding restaurants and finding destinations for travelling was conducted. The results for automobile search showed that the users who did long time automobile searches were much higher as compared to the ones who wanted to make instant purchase. The “quick purchase” category came to be around 49% and roughly 36% wanted to purchase within an hour.

Automobile searches were the least as compared to restaurants and searches for tourist places. The results showed that users who made searches are experienced in searching stuff on the internet. The results also differentiated between Tablet and Smartphone users. According to it, tablet users spent more time in reading reviews and doing price research. Only 15 % searches made by tablet users converted within an hour whereas 36% of Smartphone searches converted into purchase in an hour. Smartphone users generally conducted searches in cars. The analysis was also made in other areas also and had similar results.

Such is the increasing power of mobile searches and thus a mobile optimized website is a must. BayTech Web Design is into web designing and development and it has developed some of the best known website that have instantly proved to be profitable affair for companies as soon as it is online.