Multiple Top Positions Build Better Brands

Building your company’s brand identity should not be left up to gaining one certain position in the SERP’s. The best performance will come when you use a combination of methods. Using only one will limit your ability to boost your corporate identity to the position you want for best results.

Your brand will get the greatest boost when you are able to achieve both the top organic and the top sponsored placement. Gaining either one will help you with brand recognition, but you will get much better increase in traffic with both.

Getting either one of the above positions will definitely increase your brand identity by itself, but why settle for something that is less than the best? You can get much better gains when you achieve both – although it will take more work.

When it comes to the branding effects resulting from sponsored listings in the side margin, you will also find that one is better than the other. By combining a top sponsored position with a sponsored side listing, you will discover that it will produce better brand awareness than having only a top organic listing by itself.

When it comes down to it, you should not settle with holding only one of these top positions in your branding strategies. You can move your company’s brand to a much more secure position with greater loyalty by going for more.

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