Improving Your SERP Results in an SEM Campaign

When it comes right down to it, most of the results of your SEM campaigns depend on how well your Webpages place in the SERP’s. Placement is largely due to what is called Quality Score by Google. Have you checked to see what your Quality Score is recently?

Quality Score is a calculation (part of the algorithm) that Google uses to determine the value and rank of your Webpage. With that Score, which is determined each time your keywords are used in the search, Google then decides on the relevance of your Webpage in relation to other factors – many of which are unknown.

Knowing what Quality Score is and how it applies to your Webpage will help you understand why what seems to be a well-optimized Webpage hardly ranks at all. This can happen because a computer does not understand what a human may take for granted. Webpages have to be laid out in a way that it can understand.

Impression Share is another tool Google has for your PPC campaigns to show you how well your keywords are performing in relation to how many times they could have been shown. An interesting feature about it is that it reveals it in terms of lost potential profit. This is what you could have had if your keywords grabbed all traffic.

Google Score is largely determined by your CTR. Remembering that Google is a business and that more money is made when a larger portion of ads get clicked on will help you see that it must be this way – for business and profit. You can get a higher CTR by optimizing your pages, testing, and constantly improving your pages.

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