Recent trends in Website design has brought out some old ideas – as well as new ones. It really does show that there is almost no limit to what can be done when it comes to being creative and original in Web design. It also shows that the limits of Web design have not seen it all, either.

A recent trend is the use of what is called Letterpress. It has been rare up until this point but seems to be becoming more and more popular – perhaps because it is currently unique in the online world.

Letterpress is actually the original style of print. It is the type that was used in the original Gutenburg Press, which consisted of raised lettering on a plate. The ink was applied directly to the raised letters and then impressed on the paper – leaving the printed page. It would also leave an indentation in the paper, allowing the depth to create a shadow around the lettering. It is especially impressive on documents such as invitations, announcements, etc.

While it does seem to be widely used for various topics, it seems that it is mostly seen on sites with E-Commerce Web design. It is becoming especially popular on sites for product designs and on Websites that advertise some kind of online services.

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