Part 1: The Common Misconceptions of SEO

For those who aren’t veterans in the whole science of SEO (search engine optimization), there are quite a few misconceptions the general audience has about it. To clear up any confusion, here are some of the basics of SEO, how it can help your website, and what you can expect in return.

Misconception #1: Once a site is optimized, SEO is done.

SEO is an ongoing process and it is a big mistake thinking that the work is done one time around. Soon enough, lack of maintenance will show a decrease in traffic and income. Keep you the rankings even when fully optimized or else you’ll find your site slipping in the SERPs.

Misconception #2: SEO only takes place on your website

There is more involved in SEO than optimizing a site by simply changing the meta-titles, meta-descriptions, relevant content, header tags, alt tags, etc. This just scratches the surface. There is a lot more to it- such as building links, keyword researching, submitting articles, and coding.

For more about common misconceptions, read our upcoming article: Part 2: The Common Misconceptions of SEO.




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