SEO TIPS: Title Tags

Title tags seem like just a small part of SEO, but it can be a quick fix or solution to improve the ranking on your site. The title tag is the line of text that is displayed at the top of your browser window, and any SEO veteran can argue that this is the most important tag for your site.

Most search engines such as Google will cut off your title tag after about 70 characters, including spaces so it is best to keep them within 60-70 characters. The reason why these babies are so important is because it is the main source for search engine spiders for determining the topic of the page. After figuring that out, they translate the page. This is why using only top three keywords in your title tags is crucial- placing them as close to the beginning of the title is best.

Let’s illustrate this in an example: Suppose you have a site about certifying breeders for basenjis. You’ve concluded that the most targeted keywords for your website are “breeder certification” and “champion basenjis.” Your title tag should look something like this: “Breeder Certification for Champion Basenjis.” Following this step, the next thing is to focus on using those same and relevant keywords in your H-tags and meta-tags. Rinse and repeat for other pages, but do not overuse keywords as this will get you red-flagged for spam.




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