PNG Transparency

Another Web design style that is becoming more popular this year is called PNG transparency. While problems have prevented a wide-spread use in the past, it seems that they have largely been overcome and it is rapidly being grabbed up by those who know it is available.

PNG transparency enables a Website design to have various portions of a Webpage partially show through, creating an excellent background effect, but still enabling the focus to be where you want it. It allows many more options and provides a better and more professional look than was possible before.

Instead of using some generic design as a background, the PNG transparency can let you add a picture or graphic of some kind as the background. This gives it a sharper look, enabling it to adapt some of the appearance that a quality magazine might offer.

Some of the more common uses of PNG transparency in quality Web design are the use of it in the header or in a box containing text laid on top of another graphic. Some use it in buttons for their Website navigation, or in a box that enlarges over another. It certainly provides a great new look, and it is one that you may want to add to your Website.

One significant problem with PNG transparency is that only more up to date Web browsers can display it without problems. While Firefox utilizes it correctly, IE 6, a few others, and especially older versions make a real mess of it. It was these problems that up until this year had prevented a wide use of it. IE 7 corrects the problem.

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