Your Ads May Be Killing Your Business

In any kind of business, it is the ads and their quality that can make or break any kind of Web marketing campaign. This is especially true online – where your visitors are limited by time and other distractions on the same Webpage.

Ads need to grab your target markets eyeballs and mentally engage them instantly in order to have any kind of impact. Many ads simply fail to do this, and their CTR’s prove it. Whether you use text ads only – as in a PPC campaign – or picture ads, you need to present benefits and not just information. Baytech Web Design can meet your needs for quality ads.

People who spend a lot of time online are accustomed to seeing ads everywhere. Because of this,  they have gotten very used to them – almost to the point of tuning them out altogether.

Increasing your click conversions for contextual or search ads means you need to get your ads in the top 3 or 4 ads in order to have the SEM effect you want. Below this level, you will be sure to lose ROI.

Focus on your CTR as you develop your ads and constantly seek to test and improve them for better results. Sometimes something as simple as changing one word can produce a drastically better result. Get rid of ads with low CTR and start fresh if they fail to produce results.

Baytech Web Design is ready to help you develop and fine tune your Internet Marketing campaigns for maximum ROI. Contact us today and discover how we can make a difference in your marketing.