Popularity of Web 2.0

Since 2004 Baytech Web Design has been tracking the term “Web 2.0.” We’ve watched the buzz and popularity grow to what it’s become today. But if we asked 30 different people for a definition of Web 2.0, we’d likely receive 30 slightly different answers. Among those answers we’d see mentions of blogs, wikis, and various social networking sites like Flickr, Facebook and YouTube.


The popularity of Web 2.0 is huge, and it’s the natural evolution of the world wide web. Where Web 1.0 was information controlled by one source or company, Web 2.0 attempts to bring together a community of users to validate, question and develop new content. The continued evolution of Web 2.0 is driven by the desire to create a richer web experience for users who now feel like “part of the conversation.”


To be competitive, anyone who needs website development or custom web applications today has to consider how they’ll incorporate Web 2.0. Successful Web 2.0 companies are commonly valued and acquired for billions of dollars. Google acquired YouTube for US$1.7 billion and Facebook is valued at around US$15 billion based on Microsoft’s investment in the social networking site.


Baytech Web Design has the Web 2.0 capabilities and experience to help drive traffic and generate buzz for your project. Our web development experts will help you transform your Web 2.0 idea into reality. Baytech Web Design can manage every aspect of your social networking solution – from business planning to website launch. We’ll work with you to identify market opportunities and strategies so you can enter the Web 2.0 space confidently and successfully.


It only takes one great idea to become the next internet phenomenon. So what’s yours? Call or email Baytech Web Design today to discuss our Web 2.0 capabilities and your web development needs.