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Bandai Namco

Baytech Creates an Intranet Network for Bandai Namco

Based in Tokyo, Japan, Bandai Namco Entertainment develops and publishes arcade, mobile, and home video games. In addition to video games, Bandai Namco publishes videos, music, and other entertainment products based on its video games. Naoharu Yamashina established Bandai in 1950, and Masaya Nakamura established Namco in 1955. In 2005, the two companies merged uniting over 50 years of cutting-edge video game publishing expertise. From Packman to Tekken, Bandai Namco’s catalog exemplifies their commitment to publishing internationally loved blockbusters.

Since Baytech seeks out new challenges, our team’s excitement was at an all-time high developing for Bandai Namco’s proprietary third-party system. In addition to Bandai Namco’s unique network, our team interacted with our client’s overseas resources that were spread out over different time zones. Lastly, our team had a short window of only five weeks to develop Bandai Namco’s intranet network. Integrate web service with a proprietary third-party system.

Since our team was excited to take on these challenges, we huddled together, bringing all hands on deck. Our daily scrum meetings enabled our full team to clearly understand the project’s complexity and turn the requirements into technical specifications. Since we employed an agile methodology, we planned, developed, and assured quality by testing each custom module upon completion. Additionally, our team fully evaluated our client’s platform and suggested quick solutions to save development time so we could meet all deadlines. With a great strategy in place, we executed our plan of action seamlessly and built a scalable and robust system that will meet Bandai Namco’s future growth. Our experienced and talented team implemented all deliverables quickly and on time. Thanks to our meticulous planning, Baytech launched Bandai Namco’s intranet network ahead of schedule.

Since we successfully exceeded the project requirements and timeline, we are now an extended development team of Bandai Namco. We will fill in the gaps of Bandai Namco’s team to deliver a high-end intranet portal. Our team delivered customizable applications for Bandai Namco’s custom intranet. Also, we delivered custom modules targeting Bandai Namco’s audience. Most importantly, our team created a user-friendly interface for web administrators to manage inquiries resulting in a modern and dynamic user experience. All our hard work and commitment to excellence resulted in a robust intranet network exceeding our client’s expectations.