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Baytech Designs an Enterprise Website for RKI

Since 1994, RKI has enjoyed a high level of growth and partnered with Riken. As RKI supports and sells Riken products, RKI develops its own line of products around Riken’s industry-leading sensors. Because of this partnership, RKI manufactures and markets a full line of gas monitoring equipment. Since RKI produces the highest quality gas detection products on the market, the company provides gas detection equipment for life. In addition to its product line, RKI prides itself on the experience and expertise of its dedicated staff. Each RKI employee has an average of 12 years experience.

The project required converting RKI’s static HTML website into a dynamically managed content and e-commerce system. This project was multifaceted with several challenges. The first challenge was speeding up the load times of RKI’s website. Since the previous version of the RKI site was in Dreamweaver, we converted the site using LAMP environment. Our developers moved up to 1000 pages of existing content to the new format. Additionally, RKI required a system to promote their entire product line.

Through a design strategy, our team targeted three separate audiences: customers, manufacturers, and distributors. Our developers created a custom request for quotation (RFQ) system that RKI could manage across their entire product line. Baytech reintroduced a new logic and user experience strategy for targeted audiences. In order to streamline the distribution network of RKI, our developers designed an interactive map for all distributor agents across the nation. We employed a search engine optimization infrastructure set up for all ages. Most importantly, Baytech created a new user experience for RKI’s website.

All the hard work by our developers and designers resulted in a highly dynamic and modern enterprise website for RKI. RKI now has full client ownership of their website system that can be managed internally. Baytech received positive feedback from RKI regarding their website’s performance, usability, and accessibility. The RKI website now displays relevant content based on users’ devices for optimal performance. Our team completed and launched a successful platform for RKI that is easy to manage by full-time RKI web administrators. Ultimately, Baytech performed a complete handoff to RKI web administrators, including training and support.