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Honda Motor Company

Honda wanted to leverage the marketing and social engagement power of the web to educate potential buyers about their vehicles. Honda also wanted to create an interactive online platform that would enhance existing customer loyalty and generate additional brand awareness for the automotive leader. Honda is the world’s largest motorcycle manufacturer and one of the leading automakers. With a global network of subsidiaries and affiliates, Honda develops and manufactures a wide variety of products from small engines and scooters to specialty sports cars.
Honda was looking for a website solution that would bring together customers and prospects while adding to their brand awareness. Baytech proposed a Honda micro-site portal based on the iGoogle widget concept. This solution would provide website users with a personalized, interactive experience while delivering educational and promotional information about Honda’s products. By breaking the website information into widgets of smaller, more digestible pieces, Honda could provide a wealth of information to users without overwhelming them. Baytech’s
developers leveraged open source technologies, including Linux, AJAX and PHP, to create a full database – the driven portal that allows website visitors to drag-and-drop desired information about Honda’s products into a customized view. This functionality lets customers and prospects access and organizes Honda’s instructional videos, media articles, expert FAQs, buying tips,
photo galleries and user forums for a personalized experience.
Baytech also implemented a full content management system for the new website. This
allows Honda website administrators to instantly update site content, manage photo galleries, media articles, buying tips, and user forums from a centralized control panel.
In just two months, Baytech Digital delivered to Honda a one-stop educational portal with
integrated social networking functionality. The new Honda micro-site allows first-time buyers and existing customers to engage with each other and with Honda. They can personalize their pages and share information about their Honda experiences. Meanwhile, Honda is able to promote their vehicles and elevate their brand awareness while increasing customer engagement and sales conversions. In addition, Honda micro-site users can register and save their settings which provides Honda with valuable marketing information about their customers’ and prospects’ research and purchasing decisions.