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Baytech Builds a Fully Dynamic Enterprise Website for Inspur Systems   

Inspur is a multinational IT company headquartered in China. For over forty years, Inspur has expanded its IT products and services to over 100 countries and regions. Based on Gartner’s 2016 Q2 report for the Global Server Market, Inspur is the fastest growing server vendor. Inspur’s server sales volume ranks no. 1 in China and no. 5 worldwide. Inspur’s SmartRack cloud service is currently used by Alibaba—an 80 billion dollar e-commerce company—to process over 59,000 transactions every second. Inspur consists of three business groups: system and technology, software and services, and semiconductors.

Even though Inspur continues its first-place standing in the Chinese server market, Inspur has yet to develop brand recognition in the United States worthy of their industry-leading products and services. Inspur would like to position itself as the chief competitor to U.S. based technology infrastructure firms. For Baytech, the challenge was to increase Inspur’s brand as a global leader in information technology and cloud computing by creating a fully dynamic enterprise website. As Inspur was eager to develop a robust U.S. client base, Baytech was given only a month to create enterprise web services highlighting Inspur’s corporate mission and high-end IT products and services. As always, our team was enthusiastic to meet these challenges and build an enterprise website worthy of Inspur’s top-ranked equipment and services.

  • Increase Inspur’s brand in the United States
  • Create a fully dynamic enterprise website
  • Only one month to meet all deliverables

Since our talented team loves a good challenge and helping our clients achieve their objectives, our team immediately started designing a fully dynamic enterprise website. The website includes parallax design, which creates a 3D effect as users scroll over text. Additionally, we created micro interactions throughout the website. Because Microinteractions is a human-centered design concept, they mirror how users actually do things, which improves on-site navigation. Most importantly, we developed a highly configurable product system for displaying data sheets, product specifications, and categorizing product lines.

Baytech completed a full content management system along with a complex product management system. We helped rebrand Inspur and established Inspur as thought leaders in the United States. Our team redesigned Inspur’s U.S. based enterprise website, which resulted in an intuitive and modern user experience. Our team created Inspur’s current partner portal from scratch and integrated it with their inventory asset management system. All our hard work allows Inspur to further prosper in a competitive server and cloud computing market.