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Landing Zone

Landing Zone was developed by InfiniWing, Inc., it is a robust workplace docking station utility for Apple products. It is a small, sleek docking port for the iPhone, MacBook, and iPad. Funded from a Kickstarter campaign, InfiniWing Silicon-Valley-innovation has risen them to the top of their market niche. Their creative and unique product line, Landing Zone, is one of the most in-demand in the current consumer Apple market.

The challenge faced by Baytech when hired to redesign and build a fully functioning E commerce-oriented website for InfiniWing. The goal was to build a seamless user experience based on their current E-commerce platform, Shopify while allowing the flexibility to feature and add new product lines.

The results noticed by the company after the new website was implemented was a spike in the
traffic to the website. More products were being purchased because customers felt safer in their
actions, without worrying about loss of data or a bad product.