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Baytech Helps Reestablish MLS Listings as Thought Leaders

MLSListings Inc. is the premier Multiple Listing Service (MLS) for northern California. As the authorized trading platform for real estate professionals, MLS Listings’ customers are realtors, brokers, and agents working throughout northern California. Approximately 16,000 real estate professionals in over 6,000 firms use the MLS platform daily. MLS Listings brought in Baytech Digital to help increase their market share.

As national companies like Trulia and Zillow continue to increase their reach, MLS Listings contracted Baytech Digital to help redefine them as the premier source for multiple real estate listings. Since MLS Listings faced increased competition, we implemented an online marketing strategy to increase visitor conversions. We employed a conversion methodology that encouraged visitors to explore the site and educate themselves about their homes without third-party assistance. And most importantly, our central challenge involved reestablishing MLS Listings thought leadership by highlighting how property information updates 20% faster on MLS Listings compared to their national counterpart.    

  • Help increase MLS listings market share.
  • Develop an e-commerce portal that increases conversions.
  • Employ methodology so that customers can educate themselves about their homes
  • Reestablish their thought leadership by highlighting how property information updates 20% faster on MLS Listings.com.

To help increase MLS listings market share, we followed internet data exchange (IDX) standards for real estate agents and brokers in the US. IDX allows realtors to show MLS property listings on their websites. Because our expertise includes positioning a business so they can communicate their brand and message effectively, we built the first realtor home buyer/seller e-commerce portal. Our solution addresses common purchasing questions along with hire-a-realtor and social media functionality. Additionally, we developed a complete corporate rebrand for their key art that included corporate visuals, logos, and website designs.

Our team delivered MLS Listings new brand and e-commerce portal prior to the busy spring and summer seasons. We set up the infrastructure for future implementation of upcoming enhancements for their marketing platform. By employing a technology-neutral approach, Baytech Digital suggested that a DNN content management system (a .NET framework) was the best solution for MLS Listings to support the development and future maintenance of MLS Listings.com. Because MLS Listings satisfies the end consumer needs, we helped create a healthy ecosystem between realtors, buyers, and sellers. As MLS Listings was incredibly pleased with our solutions, they selected Baytech Digital agency to continue to grow their brand.