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Scout Specialties

Baytech Develops an E-commerce Website Along with a Product Inventory and Management System for Scout Specialties

Founded in 1985 by Gary Lunsford Sr., Scout Specialties supplies industrial parts and equipment to contractors, engineers, and anyone looking for specific parts and tools. Scout Specialties’ chief goal is to supply high-quality products at competitive prices. Through the years, Scout Specialties’ passion for customer service continues to drive their family business. Three generations of the Lunsford Family work to ensure their products are competitively priced and that customers find the products they need. Because Scout Specialties has been in business for over thirty years, their product inventory became difficult to manage, so they contracted Baytech to build an e-commerce website as well as revamp their product inventory and management systems.

Since Scout Specialties had over twenty thousand products in their inventory, our team’s first challenge was to overhaul their product management system with a new e-commerce site. Scout Specialties required a system that could track the shipping cycle of their products. So when a product leaves their warehouse, their website should indicate that the product is no longer in inventory. Once Scout Specialties chose the inventory management application, our team formulated a plan to integrate the inventory manager with their new e-commerce website. Our next challenge was to incorporate the new content management system so Scout Specialties’ employees could easily understand the new system as soon as possible. Once we overcame all the technical challenges, our team rebranded and marketed Scout Specialties to reflect the thirty years of their family’s commitment to customer satisfaction.

  • Overhaul Scout Specialties’ product management system with a new e-commerce site.
  • Develop a system that can track the shipping cycle of their products.
  • Incorporate the new content management system so Scout Specialties’ employees can easily understand the new system.
  • Rebrand and market Scout Specialties to reflect their thirty years of family ownership and customer satisfaction.

After we settled on the inventory manager, Fishbowl, our team learned the intricacies of the inventory management software. Once our team completely understood Fishbowl, we successfully built in the functionality to our e-commerce portal. Scout Specialties’ new inventory management system integrates with Quickbooks. Now Scout Specialties can track their products in real time from their warehouse to their customers’ doorsteps. Additionally, our team created an advanced price filtering system. To find a particular product, a Scout Specialties’ customer can enter the product name or SKU number and set their price range. The price filtering system presents the availability of a product, its price, and its expected delivery date.     

Our team migrated the content from Scout Specialties’ original website to their new e-commerce portal. When our team began work on this project, Scout Specialties’ product tracking and management systems were out of date. However, once our work was complete, Scout Specialties had a modern e-commerce website with the world’s leading inventory tracking and management software—Fishbowl. With their new website, Scout Specialties’ employees can track and manage their products in-house through keyword searches. Additionally, Scout Specialties’ customers can search for products by part number, keyword, price range, and availability. Most importantly, Scout Specialties has a new brand that tells the story of their family run business so their customers understand that for the Lunsford’s Scout Specialties equals family.