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Baytech Develops Updated Website and Brand Strategy for Zend

Zend Design is, without question, the industry-leading PHP Application Company their products are essential to the critical infrastructure of internet companies such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Baytech was charged with redesigning Zend Technologies’ website and update its brand image to better convey its message to their customers.  This project would be a huge undertaking to redesign not only the website but the brand identity of a company that is so widely esteemed yet was hurt by its lack of a unified, cohesive brand.  This project would consist of tight deadlines, a vast amount of web pages, and close, heavy scrutiny from the Zend team, which included CEO Andi Gutmans, widely known as the godfather of PHP.

Baytech began by doing an exhaustive audit of all of Zend’s brand including past marketing, messaging, logos, and colors along with researching their competition.  By doing these key analyses, Baytech got a better feel for the messaging Zend wanted to convey to its customers and how it wanted to implement its rebranding strategy.  The first step in rebranding Zend was to update the color scheme of the website. Zend’s original color scheme clashed with the message of “fun, friendly, and fresh” so Baytech changed the color design to the lighter blue to reflect this.  This also had the double effect of matching up with the “Finding your Zend” message that was a major marketing slogan for them. Another vital step in the rebranding was changing their website’s call to action.  Zend is highly dependent on customers visiting their website and downloading their application.  However, their website’s ability to draw their customer’s attention was inadequate.

Baytech went to work by changing not only their call to action but also the style in which it was presented.  Now, they have a clear call to action that is highly visible and effective. Baytech conducted usability testing, provided brand strategy and guidance on how to expand the Zend brand, and built the infrastructure and creative design to establish Zend’s position. Examining usability, evaluating their marketing internationally, focusing on quality, and user experience, the project depended on the strong leadership skills of our project managers in order to get the job done.