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Teklicon Inc, a leading expert witness agency came to Baytech Digital seeking a full e-commerce marketing solution. The company selected Baytech to optimize their website for search engine visibility and to create a search engine marketing campaign that would bring invaluable leads.

Prior to beginning the project, Baytech’s online marketing team worked with Teklicon to obtain their industry information and understand major competition. Requiring detailed information regarding the client’s target demographic, Baytech then worked to extend Teklicon’s current branding efforts. A detailed roadmap was composed between the two parties with clearly defined goals and the steps involved in obtaining them. Once the project began, Baytech’s team of search engine marketing specialists conducted thorough research to discover which keywords the client’s target demographic commonly search. Then they sifted out keywords to find which were least competitive and would help the company get the most potential clients. Baytech’s SEO team further narrowed down these keywords to find ones that would allow them to get high rankings on search engines in a timely manner.
After Teklicon was presented the keywords, Baytech used them to alter the company’s website, writing Meta tags and changing URL’s to reflect the targeted keyword. Website content was also altered to strategically reflect the keywords being optimized and keywords were strategically placed into the HTML code and pictures on the website.

After organic search engine optimization of the site was completed, Baytech created a comprehensive pay per click campaign. Selecting keywords that had the most search volume and were most applicable to the business, Baytech created online advertisements specific to that group of keywords. A recommended monthly budget was presented to Teklicon in the final step of the project with details to stretch their resources effectively in PPC.

As a result of Baytech’s effort, Teklicon now receives about 20-30 conversions a month, gaining valuable leads and receiving more than expected returns on their SEO investment. For organic search results, the company’s traffic went up by 34% from last year. They are on the first page, ranked # 3 in Google for an expert witness in intellectual property, # 5 for patent express witness and various other keywords. They have a 2.93% conversion rate on Google PPC.