Ranking with Google Maps

Google Maps operates largely the way that Google works, but there are some differences. The differences relate to what people find of value when they are in a particular location. It was pointed out yesterday that reviews of a business or service do play a part in it, as well as your geographic location.

You can help Google Maps to find you by using good SEO tips. It will help if you add the names of several geographic locations near you throughout your Webpages. Don’t forget to add the name of the city itself when you refer to the more specific local areas. If you are in a major metro area, add in the names of each of the cities that are closest, and Google Maps will bring up your business name even more often.

Be sure to use keywords that refer to your various categories, too. If you are a car repair shop, for instance, you want to use terms such as car repair, auto repair, car repair service, vehicle repair, etc. Then, don’t forget to add the various types of repair that people may need, such as car body repair, brake repair, car transmission repair, car exhaust repair, import car repair, etc. Now, add the locations to the list. Use these keywords on several pages.

If you have more than one location, you want to add separate pages for each location for search engine optimization purposes. Add your address to that page. Throw in some photos or videos with ALT tags that use your keywords.

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