Number 1 Silicon Valley Web Design Firm

Baytech Web Design has earned many prestigious distinctions for being the premier Web Design, Application, and On-Line Marketing firm in Silicon Valley the past few years. Baytech is honored to receive this award recognizing its creative talent and exemplary work.

#1 Web Development Firm


1. BayTech Web Design is ranked “Number One Silicon Valley’s Top Web Design Firms” by San Jose Business Journal.

Golden Interactive Award Winner

Horizon Interactive Awards

2. Baytech was recognized for their excellence with a Gold award for their Interactive Flash Design.

3. Baytech was recognized for their excellence with a Bronze award for the Web Design & Branding & Application Development.


Research shows that 83% of all web traffic comes from search engines. Eye tracking studies have shown that searchers looking for a relevant result scan a search results page from top to bottom and left to right. Placement at or near the top of the rankings therefore increases the number of searchers who will visit a site. Baytech specialize in SEO San Jose and help you to succeed.

1.What is SEO?

SEO San Jose is the process of analyzing your site and modifying it to enable search engines to read it, understand it and index (or catalog) it correctly. This is not rewriting the site or changing the look and feel. It is subtle changes, adding or modifying inconspicuous visible and invisible text so that the search engines can read the site. SEO San Jose is not ’spamming’ the search engines – it is simply helping the search engines help you.

2. Why care about the search engine placement?

Research shows that 83% of all web traffic comes from search engines. But if your site can’t be found on a search result list, or is not ranked high enough, say after the third page of the search result,none of that traffic will come to you.

3. Our SEO San Jose

  • Analyzing website structure
  • Testing browser compatibility
  • Examining and ensuring the HTML/CSS grammar is correct
  • Checking and ensuring all the links are right
  • Optimizing website information navigation
  • Analyzing website mutuality
  • Examining and ensuring all the information related to your products and service is correct and complete
  • Optimizing certain pages related to your products and service
  • Rechecking all above 8 points by other SEO professionals and proofreaders
  • Build Google SiteMap, help Google robots to crawl your site effectively (free)

4. Search Engine Project

  • Client provide the keywords that are needed to be ranked,
  • Client tell us the potential browsers who browse your promoted website.
  • According to the information you provide, we analyze browsers’ searching habits and psychology;
  • We research major and minor keywords related to your website, products, service and online marketing.

5. Analyzing and Submitting To Search Engines and Directory

  • Search engines and website directories are crucial to website promotion. Through spider, robot or crawler search engines search and embody web pages. Through complex algorithm search engines evaluate each embodied web page and rank it.
  • Directories always choose and embody websites by manual work. According to your website’s nature, it will be delivered to a certain sub-directory. We will on your requirement do some modification and adjustment to make your website perfect. We will analyze different characteristics of search engines and directories and deliver your website to the most appropriate one.

6. Service Guarantee
We help you do worldwide promotion, explore international market and surpass all your competitors.