Take Advantage: Use Twitter for Your Business

In the recent boom during the first quarter of 2009, the amount of users delving into the micro-blogging world has more than doubled. Twitter has become the ultimate tool for those looking to promote their business or to simply engage in mindshare with communities of the same interests.

Of the newcomers to Twitter  approximately 60% leave Twitter  after three months, never able to fully reap the benefits of it. This is because they do not understand how to properly use micro-blogging for their business. Of the remaining 40%, many never see the maximum potential that Twitter can bring them in the long run.

There is a common misconception that the more followers you can collect, the higher the return on your investment. Wrong. To better phrase it – the better the relationship you can develop beginning with a few targeted followers, the wider the spread of followers you can eventually attract, therefore deepening a proportionally growing ROI based on the rate of traffic going to your business.

How you develop a voice and relationship with your followers can be achieved through a number of ways:

First, build a small network of those who may be interested in your services. (In our case, we’re a web development and branding firm complete with internet marketing services.BayTech Web Design, @baytech_webs, takes its initial steps by following those who are affiliated or looking to learn about our industry). Second, apply the following practices regularly:

1.        Try email marketing and providing valuable content about a particular interest -make sure to include reference to your Twitter page. You may want to also create a blog addressing the kind of information your audience might want to read. Key concept is to engage all of your readers and to keep them coming back.

2.       Extend a helping hand by being responsive; in other words, offer support. Send messages, @ replies and eventually personable emails through those reaching out to you on Twitter

3.       Fully take advantage of the search function on Twitter so you can find prospects– those who have real-time conversations about interests pertaining to your industry. Get in contact with these people, but never come off as a spammer. Listen to their needs and ask them what they’d like to know and how you can help.

4.       Stay open to your competitors. Follow them and learn from others.  Sign up for their emails and newsletters, it can be good karma!

Despite the rave and commotion about the wonders that Twitter can potentially bring to business-owners, remember to take everything with a grain of salt. It’s a steep learning curve if you’re just learning to pilot the Twitter stratosphere, but the more you try to understand the true value of micro-blogging, the more return you can enjoy in the long-run.

Keep it simple,




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